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  • RVP P EX flow regulatorsSMAYurządzenia i systemy

    Flow regulators are used for automatic regulation of the stream flowing through the air ventilation ducts both in the supply and exhaust part of the system By changing the air consumption they enable to create the individual climate for each of the rooms in the building considering the occurrence of non uniform loads in those rooms

  • Mass Flow Controllers Mass Flow Meters Alicat Scientific

    Mass Flow Meters Alicat offers a wide range of mass flow meters including both differential pressure based and Coriolis technologies There are many custom build options for our differential pressure mass flow meters including anti corrosive high pressure and low pressure drop optionswith portable versions also available for each


    FLOW MEASUREMENT KOBOLD offers a variety of flow sensors that can directly determine the flow rate of a gas or a liquid We also offer many models of flow transmitters that can both monitor and control flow Depending on the application variables and media specifications different flowmeters or flow monitors can be used

  • Flow regulator RFPadjustableHYDRO ZNPHS

    This flow divider with flow regulation is used to adjust and keep the flow rate constant also in case of pressure variations and to convey the excess flow to the second port The second port is not influenced by the pressure variations either Max inlet flow 52 85 or 150 l/min Max adjusted flow

  • TESCOM Precision Fluid Control Solutions Emerson US

    TESCOM HV 3500 Series Hydrogen Onboard Regulator The HV 3500 is designed for use onboard industrial commercial light and heavy duty hydrogen fuel cell vehicles The device offers consistent pressure and continuous flow in a variety of operating conditions VIEW PRODUCT TESCOM ER 5000 Electropneumatic Controller

  • Flow regulator with a check valve VRFHYDRO ZNPHS

    This valve adjusts the flow speed in one direction In the opposite direction the flow is free Available with a check valve poppet type or ball type Max flow from A to B 30 40 50 80 110 150 or 210 l/min Max pressure 230 250 300 or 350 bar Cracking pressure 0 5 barpoppet 4 barball type Zinc plated steel body Hardened

  • Behringer Product FLOW 8

    FLOW 8 features two independent studio grade effects engines each with 16 presets for refining your instruments and vocals with breathtaking effects sounds and depth 12 Reverb programs span from a very short yet lively Ambience to very long and smooth Temple or Stadium simulations All of them come in two flavors and their decay time can be

  • Flow regulator RFB/C and RFBC/Cbidirectional

    RFB/C and RFBC/CBidirectional flow regulatorcompensated type This valve adjusts and maintains the flow even in case of a high pressure variation in one direction only In the opposite direction the valve allows the flow to return but this is restricted The regulator is available with a manifold or as a cartridge type valve Nominal flow

  • High flow regulator High flow regulator Products High

    High flow regulator find quality High flow regulator products High flow regulator Manufacturers High flow regulator Suppliers and Exporters at Ningbo Southernloft Trading Co Ltd

  • Flow regulator RFPadjustableHYDRO ZNPHS

    This flow divider with flow regulation is used to adjust and keep the flow rate constant also in case of pressure variations and to convey the excess flow to the second port The second port is not influenced by the pressure variations either Max inlet flow 52 85

  • Ap Tech Home

    AP Tech also known as Advanced Pressure Technology is a manufacturer of gas handling componentsprimarily pressure regulators and valves AP Tech s forte is products to deliver specialty gases for high purity through ultra high purity applications Starting from the source vessel to point of use and into the process tool or equipment

  • NITROGEN from GCE Group leading manufacturer of gas

    Nontoxic Nonexplosive Lighter than air Chemical formula N 2 Gas symbol N Boiling point 195 8 C at 1 013 bar 77 35 K Melting point 210 1 C at 1 013 bar 63 14 K Gas density 1 170 kg/m 3 at 1 013 bar and 15 C Conversion of gas volume in liquid and gaseous phase

  • KCR R Constant air volume flow regulatorSMAY

    The constant air flow regulator with the possibility of settings change is a control element that operates independently of the pressure in a duct and without external power supply The device regulates the air flow within the pressure range from 50 Pa to 250 Pa maintaining declared ccuracy of regulation As a consequence the regulator

  • Circular variable air flow regulators designed for low air

    The device regulates the air flow within the pressure range from 30 Pa to 1 000 Pa maintaining the declared accuracy of regulation As a consequence the regulator becomes an indispensable element of continuous installation balancing ensuring constant volumetric air flow

  • Flow regulator with a check valve VRFU 90 C

    VRFU 90 CCompensated flow regulator 90 with check valve It is used to adjust the speed of an actuator in one direction and to allow the free return flow in the opposite direction A high precision adjustment allows to keep a constant speed even when the load varies Max flow from A to B 17 or 35 l/min Max flow from B to A 25 30 or 45

  • CAV Constant Air Volume flow regulator RCP RSMAY

    RCP R CAV regulators are used for automatic constant air volume flow control in ventilation installations They maintain constant air volumes and operate automatically with no external power supply The regulator is made of the following materials The customised regulator can be made The laser welded regulator body with nipple connectors is

  • IVC from GCE Group leading manufacturer of gas flow

    IVC Group Number 1821 Oxygen shock tested up to 360 bar Robust and reliable design Compact size Compatibility with EN ISO 22435 Guardtested according to ISO11117 for 130 kg as a maximum weight of the package cylinder gas and IVC Filling port with non return valve


    To determine the maximum flow through a regulator use either the seat orifice area formula orthe nomograph As long as there is a choked critical flow P1 = 2 x P2 at least the flow which you will find on the nomograph is the maximum flow with the valve wide open

  • Poland Herbicides anti sprouting products and plant

    Change selection Reporter Year Trade Flow Partner and HS 6 digit Product Poland exports of Herbicides anti sprouting products and plant growth regulators put up in forms or packings for retail sale or as preparations or articles was 158 862 75K and quantity 21 324 400Kg

  • Pressure Regulators Netafim Accessories

    2 days ago Pressure Regulators Our highly accurate regulators designed to ensure uniform pressure and maximum system uptime and maintain continuous non peak consistent system pressure Highly accurate pressure regulators are available in two models PRV Located near the head control this model is available at various outlet pressures

  • Rate Flow Regulator SetsBBraunUSA

    Rate Flow Regulator IV Set with 15 Micron Filter 1 non needle free Injection Site 20 drops/mL Priming Volume 14 mL Length 83 in 213 4 cm

  • Pressure RegulatorsPlast O Matic Valves Inc

    UltraPure Regulators/Elastomer Free Series UPR Downstream pressure reducing valve features non shutoff elastomer free design pressure will equalize in a no flow condition and the ultimate purity levels as verified by independent test labs BCF spigots flare sanitary and other connection types available 1/4″2″ or 2063mm sizes choice of Kynar 740 or PTFE body

  • Flow regulators Uponor

    The flow regulator can be installed directly in the retention tanks or the manholes at the outlet from the tank Uponor Infra offers flow regulators in the nominal flow range 0 5100 l/s The regulators for bigger flows are available upon request according to the required specifications

  • Regulators ArchivesAtomic Aquatics

    The AFC is the reason Atomic regulators breathe with a comfortable natural feeling at any depth US Patent #5 678 541 Our Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice design prolongs the life of the low pressure poppet seat to maintain the crisp like new factory tuning and prevent the

  • Pressure Regulators ArchivesAP Tech

    Pressure regulators which provide two step pressure reduction by having two single stage regulators combined in a common body Two models are available which meet most requirements for two stage regulators A two stage regulator is an integrated unit as opposed to two separate single stage regulators in series which also provide two stage

  • ATRIAL FLOW REGULATOR AFR OcclutechPerfecting

    The Atrial Flow Regulator AFR is a cardiac implant designed to address the unmet medical needs of patients suffering from heart failure HF despite optimal medical therapy The Company has over 10 years of experience in the making and use of Nitinol based cardiac implants and has developed the AFR to provide an innovative minimally invasive


    The compact flow regulator only RMT version available from 1 to 16 zones The ideal solution for small presses up to 1000kN Suitable for measuring small flow rates up to 8l/min Temperature 100 C MAX pressure 10 bar MAX see table The 4 zones model is a reliable device just 200mm wide

  • Product CatalogPlantSensors Australia

    Product Catalog Product Catalog PS TDP14 Sap flow system PS GP Granier TDP sap flow sensor Brand Name PlantSensors Country of Origin Australia PS PS12 Power regulator for Granier s sap flow system Model No PS PS12 Brand Name PlantSensors Complete PlantSensors Granier Sap flow system Model No PS TDP8 Brand Name

  • Flow regulator with a check valve VRFU 90HYDRO ZNPHS

    The administrator of your personal data is the company HYDRO ZNPHS Sp z o o with headquarters in Bielsko Biała ul Strażacka 60 The processing of your personal data in the form of an e mail address is based on Art 6 paragraph 1a only in connection with the implementation of marketing services own products of the HYDRO company

  • MEDISELECT II from GCE Group leading manufacturer of

    High pressure regulator for use with medical gas cylinders equipped with a medical cylinder valve Regulator with flow selector Rotating pressure gauge which allows convenient reading 360 swivelling outletit enables the better orientation of the nasal cannula or oxygen mask towards the patient preventing from twisting Innovative self

  • Load Flow Software Load Flow Analysis Power Flow

    Load Flow Analysis ETAP Load Flow Analysis Software offers an extensive set of power flow analysis and simulation tools to calculate bus voltages branch power factors currents and power flows throughout the electrical system The Power Flow Simulation is a fundamental analysis module for demand evaluation power flow analysis losses power

  • Air Damper Flow Regulator FBZA1750 3H SONXIE

    Product Description The function of the air flow regulator is to allow the cold air from the freezer to pass through to the fridge when the temperature of the fridge is deemed to be not cool enough This spare air flow regulator could soon solve your problem if your current air flow regulator is damaged or faulty

  • Flow regulatorGOMET Radom

    Ta strona korzysta z ciasteczek aby świadczyć usługi na najwyższym poziomie Dalsze korzystanie ze strony oznacza że zgadzasz się na ich użycie


    REGULATOR GPL LOW PRESSURE 30 MBAR from GCE Group leading manufacturer of gas flow control equipment Global developer and supplier of Propane Regulators

  • Air Pressure Regulators ControlAir

    Precision Regulators offer accuracy and sensitivity while General Purpose Regulators offer greater economy and efficiency Air Filter Regulators are considered a vital air preparation device when it comes to protecting your sensitive downstream equipment Each category includes regulators in various sizes materials and pressure ranges

  • High Precision Pressure Regulators M10

    The Fairchild Model 81 pneumatic regulator will handle a 250 psi 17 BAR maximum supply pressure and offers five 5 output pressure ranges from 0 20 psi 0 1 5 BAR 0 150 kPa up to 1 100 psi 0 05 7 BAR 7 700 kPa The Model 81 precision regulator has a flow capacity of 50 SCFM 136 m3/hr